InsurTech Innovation Through Blockchain Technology
A mutual aid protocol that returns to the origins of insurance.

M u t u a l   a i d   i s   a   h u m a n   i n s t i n c t .

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In a return to the origins of insurance, as it was with mutual aid associations of the past, we will not be providing insurance, rather we will provide a venue where users can freely design there own insurance

On this platform, users can freely create insurance plans, and users can freely join any insurance plan that has been launched that is meaningful to them. Unizon is an innovative mutual aid protocol that utilizes blockchain technology.

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Quoted from the epilogue.

This project began with the question of whether existing insurance products function as genuine mutual aid. This led to a gathering of individuals who harbored uncomfortable feelings toward business models of traditional insurance companies.

However, we did not approach the project with the intention of disrupting the existing industry. Instead our goal is to set up a receptacle for users overflowing from that industry because existing insurance products do not address their needs. This user base includes the 4 billion people in the BoP class, as well as the stewards of the next generation, millennials and Generation Z, for whom we aim to provide a framework within which they can support one another.

The world we describe will function as a community for nurturing a new economic doctrine for the next generation that neither rejects nor affirms capitalism.


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Total UZN Tokens


Token Name






Token Prace

1 UZN = 0.2 USD

Funding Goal

36 Mln USD


Title Period Start&End Time: 09:00 UTC Bonus
Upper Limit
Start End
Early Bird Stage 1st EB
(48 Hrs.)
March 15th March 17th 100% 40,000,000
2nd EB
(72 Hrs.)
March 17th March 20th 75% 20,000,000
Remaining Day March 20th March 31st 50% 20,000,000
Middle Stage 1st 7days May 15th May 22nd 30% 30,000,000
Remaining Day May 22nd May 31st 15% 20,000,000
Final Stage 1st 7days July 15th July 22nd 10% 30,000,000
Remaining Day July 22nd July 31st 0% 20,000,000
Total 180,000,000

* When the maximum sales limit (in UZN) of each of the periods of the crowd sale is reached, the bonus rate ends and moves to the next bonus rate. The sales will wait for the starting date of the bonus rate.

* If the maximum sales limit (in UZN) of each of the periods of the crowd sale is not reached, the surplus UZN tokens will all be burned.
In this case, as the ratio of token ownership rights described below is prioritized, there will also be surplus UZN tokens distributed outside of the crowd token sale, and these will also be burned.

* If during the Crowd Token Sale, the soft cap is not reached, then all purchase amounts for the UZN tokens will be refunded.

Token Ownership Rights

Capital Utilization

- Roadmap -

- Our Team -

Donald Barnes
CEO / Founder

Donald, Unizon’s founder and CEO, is a veteran executive in the insurance industry with over 20 years of experience with multinational corporations. Prior to founding Unizon, he worked at a major insurance provider in the United Kingdom and oversaw insurance branch offices around the globe. As CEO of Unizon, Donald’s mission is to build a strong team to deliver long-term stability to users.

James Schmitt
CSO / Co-Founder

James, a cofounder of Unizon and its Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), is responsible for the direction of business strategy and analysis, sales channels and partnerships. He previously worked at a major consulting firm in the United States, where he was in charge of business strategy for government institutions and high-tech corporations. Prior to that, he worked for the International Trade Centre (ITC).

Stephen Berezny
CTO / Co-Founder

As a cofounder of Unizon, Stephen also serves as its CTO. He has over 10 years of security and technology experience at international organizations. Prior to that, he worked as VP of Security Architecture at a United States financial firm.

Anna Lundberg
Data Scientist

Jonathan Barry
Global Law Specialist

Martin Nielsen
UX Designer

Pablo Fernandez
Full-Stack Developer